Amt VI groups/desks

In the winter of 1942-43, Amt VI consisted of the following groups, most of which were so-called Ländergruppen (country groups):

VI A: Administration

VI B: France, Low Countries, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal

VI C: Russia, Near East, Far East

VI D: Anglo-American sphere

VI E: Central Europe, Balkans, Italy, Scandinavia

VI F: Technical

VI G: Research

VI Kult: Culture DATES??

VI S: Training (Sabotage) DATES??

VI Wi: Economics DATES??

Source: Situation Report No. 8, Amt VI of the RHSA, Gruppe VI C, SHAEF Counter Intelligence War Room, 28 February 1946, RG 263, Entry ZZ17, Box 3, NARA.

Source: Adrian O’Sullivan, Nazi Secret Warfare in Occupied Persia (Iran): The Failure of the German Intelligence Services, 1939-45 (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014), 253.